Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you Melodee Miller for the kind blog!

Today, I would like to direct the spotlight to the author of Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy, Mr. +Zane Bradey!

Far from a fearful character as the notion of zombies conjures, Zane Brady is one of the kindest souls you'll ever meet. Born in Michigan, just outside of East Lansing, where he still lives with his beautiful wife and six little zombies, horror has always been his genre. His early writings were short stories, published in anthologies and young fiction magazines. He was even more successful with literary fiction, but his heart has always been in the horror classics, and his mind, has always been on zombies. In 2011, he set out to write his first zombie novel, "Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy," and he is now reaping the rewards of its tremendous success. Congratulations Zane!

For more about "the zombie guy" and his new book "Aftereffects: Zombie Therapy," visit
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One day you are an average citizen, carrying on with everyday mundane tasks, the next, you are a fiendish zombie looking to tear off, and eat the flesh of every family member, friend, neighbor, and st...

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